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The defense agency services of Jinxi are provided by practicing lawyers who specialize in handling various criminal cases. The members all graduated from top law schools in China, with most holding master's degrees or above in criminal law or criminal procedural law. They have solid professional knowledge and profound academic and theoretical foundations, and some members have rich experience in criminal justice work in public, procuratorial, and legal institutions. Jinxi has a large expert advisory committee, forming a first-class team of expert advisors. The department advocates and practices a positive, dedicated, optimistic, and united team spirit, integrating collective wisdom and resources to ensure the quality of cases in the criminal business department, defending life and freedom.

In the long-term practice process, Jinxi has won high praise from the parties and various sectors of society for its exquisite business skills, highly responsible professionalism, and good defense effects. As a result, it has formed good interpersonal and professional relationships, and has won a good professional reputation among the parties, academia, and government agencies.

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