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Corporate Compliance

The Enterprise Compliance Team of Beijing Jinxi Intellectual Property Services Co., Ltd. is a professional legal service team dedicated to providing compliance management and risk control for enterprises and institutions. The lawyer team in this business field has received systematic training in fine legal risk management, and is familiar with various legal risk management tools and techniques. At the same time, they can track and study their respective industry legal risks in a long-term and real-time manner, effectively integrating legal knowledge, corporate financial knowledge, and management knowledge. The core purpose of compliance and risk management of Beijing Jinxi Intellectual Property Services Co., Ltd. is to help customers strengthen compliance management, with the aim of effectively preventing and controlling compliance risks. By using methods such as pre prevention, in-process control, and post remedial measures, we can achieve full legal risk control and establish a standardized and effective legal risk control system for customers, in order to achieve their strategic goal of sustainable and healthy development.

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