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Dispute settlement of construction projects

Real estate, construction engineering, and infrastructure are one of the core businesses of Beijing Jinxi Intellectual Property Services Co., Ltd. The business scope runs through every aspect of real estate, from early project development and construction to real estate operation and sales, as well as later property management. The main businesses include large-scale civil engineering, urban renovation, infrastructure and PPP, basic transportation projects, commercial building development, residential sales, property financing, property leasing, guarantees, mortgages, and real estate, among other sub industries. Legal services cover providing policy reference and feasibility analysis in the fields of real estate, construction engineering, and infrastructure construction, assisting in formulating and improving land acquisition, compensation, resettlement Legal documents in project planning and various government approvals; Participate in the preparation of bidding documents for survey, design, construction, supervision, construction projects, etc. as needed, assist in drafting or reviewing relevant contract texts, assist in handling financing and land use right mortgage, assist in handling project completion acceptance, settlement, and other matters, and assist in handling relevant disputes arising; Provide legal services for the commercial operation of real estate, as well as the leasing, after-sales and leaseback, and entrusted operation of houses in operation; Provide legal due diligence and report on the merger and reorganization of real estate projects, assist in formulating asset debt restructuring plans, optimizing transaction structures, participate in negotiations, draft, modify, and review relevant agreement texts, provide solutions for financing arrangements involved in mergers and acquisitions, and assist clients in completing property rights delivery; Design securitization schemes such as REITs and ABS for commercial property assets, real estate income rights, accounts receivable, and house purchase payments held by customers, to improve customer asset liquidity and reduce financial costs; Provide legal and policy advice on land, engineering, resettlement, finance, and other matters related to the restructuring, demolition, renovation, investment, and construction activities of urban villages, old house villages, and other urban related areas, and assist clients in formulating overall solutions based on different investment and construction models; Provide legal solutions for the design, investment, construction, operation, and financing of various PPP projects in infrastructure, environmental protection, municipal administration, water conservancy, transportation, landscaping, urban renewal, industrial and technological parks, and provide consulting opinions on various legal relationships such as franchising, cooperative investment, construction, financing guarantee, service procurement, administrative management, etc. among various transaction entities. Draft The review of relevant transaction documents and other important links has formed an integrated full process service model.

Jin Xi is not only familiar with the rules of the real estate, construction engineering, and infrastructure industry, but also closely follows the dynamics of the real estate and related industries, constantly following the business thinking and service model, and can accurately provide legal services for the construction of real estate, construction engineering, and infrastructure. Jinxi assists clients in identifying and avoiding legal risks in projects, solving legal issues in commercial and contractual aspects, actively achieving clients' business goals, effectively safeguarding their rights and interests, and winning high recognition from numerous clients with profound professional theories, rich practical experience, and a dedicated and responsible attitude in the fields of real estate, construction engineering, and infrastructure.

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