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Bankruptcy reorganization

Beijing Jinxi Intellectual Property Services Co., Ltd. has undertaken a large number of bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation cases, and possesses skilled commercial legal service skills in this field. It can comprehensively assess various risks from all angles and accurately and quickly find the optimal solution to balance the interests of all parties.

Beijing Jinxi Intellectual Property Services Co., Ltd. has a strong professional team of lawyers in the field of bankruptcy legal services, committed to the dissolution and liquidation, bankruptcy liquidation, restructuring, reconciliation, corporate restructuring, debt restructuring, and employee resettlement of state-owned enterprises and other related legal businesses. Jin Xi has rich practical experience and professional abilities in handling the bankruptcy liquidation and restructuring business of listed companies, financial institutions, state-owned enterprises, and mega enterprises. With various customer and social resources, he can assist enterprises in finding strategic investors and financial investors, and do his best to enhance the possibility of successful restructuring of the enterprise. Jinxi is committed to providing efficient and high-quality legal services to customers.

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