JIN-GENIUS ATTORNEYS AT LAW was established on April 30, 2014. JIN-GENIUS ATTORNEYS AT LAW always adheres to the concept of high quality development. In the world to provide customers with a full range of, multi-level, comprehensive litigation and non-litigation legal services. Has been awarded the advanced collective honorary title for many times.

Jinxi is headquartered in Beijing, and has established many years of good cooperative relations with Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Chongqing and other institutions. Under the support of legal experts from all walks of life, the two sides have signed strategic cooperation agreements with 17 legal expert firms from Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia and other regions, and the business is going to the world in an all-round way.

Jinxi now has a strong team of experts and administrative staff, including 5 percent with a doctor's degree and 40 percent with a master's degree. Some of them have overseas study or training experience. Some legal experts are engaged in legal counsel work for large state-owned enterprises, banks and the government. They have rich working experience and have undertaken a large number of high-quality litigation and non-litigation legal services. Some legal experts also participated in our country some law, the statute, the judicial practical rule establishment and the revision, has high attainments in the legal theory, the practical experience. The legal expert team has a wide range of social resources, has a strong professional ability.

The business fields of JIN-GENIUS ATTORNEYS AT LAW involve: real estate and construction contracts, international trade and maritime affairs, financial securities, intellectual property rights, mergers and acquisitions, companies, land resources, bidding, finance and taxation, criminal, civil and commercial law business.

JIN-GENIUS ATTORNEYS AT LAW has always maintained good communication and cooperative relations with many domestic media. The media include CCTV, People's Daily, Legal Daily, Beijing Youth Daily, Beijing Legal Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing TV Station, Shanghai TV Station, People's Forum, etc.

Jinxi culture concept: worship law, Shang De specialized diligent letter

Uphold the rule of law and morality. Business is very professional, dedicated, dedicated, and excellence; Work hard and diligent and responsible, be honest and trustworthy.

Jinxi Company's slogan: Success does not come easily but we often exceed your expectations


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